About Us

Equity Union Limited (RC: 239183) is an associated firm of Citipoint (Legal Practitioners) set up to render the services of Corporate Secretaries and Nominees.

Regulatory obligations imposed on incorporated companies invariably constitute distractions to corporate organizations, thereby hampering the realization of their main objects. It is against this background that Equity Union was set up and resourced with staff having the depth of knowledge and skills to relieve business entities and their managers of this burden to enable them concentrate on their core business and management mandate.

Since its incorporation and commencement of business in 1994, Equity Union has developed and retained a reputation among its numerous clients (ranging from small and private start-ups to public companies listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange) for the efficiency and comprehensiveness of its company secretarial and corporate governance compliance services. With a Fellow (FCIS) and a past member of the Governing Council of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries & Administrators of Nigeria(ICSAN), Mahmud Bayo Alabidun, heading our management team, we are one of the few leading professional service providers rendering consultancy services to boards of directors to help them navigate the complex requirements of Companies Act and other industry-specific statutes and regulations (including The Nigerian Code of Corporate Governance for Public Companies; Securities and Exchange Commission Rules) governing the establishment and operations of entities in Nigeria. We ensure your company complies with its statutory obligations pro-actively and efficiently.

Our Philosophy

We appreciate the distractions which the compliance with regulatory obligations imposed by Regulatory Authorities on Incorporated Companies usually bring on businesses and in consequence of which achieving their main objects and adding value to their stakeholders is affected; We also understand that some industries and sectors are highly regulated and it can be challenging to navigate the complex legal requirements of corporate compliance in Nigeria. It is against this background that Equity Union has been set up to help businesses in the following areas of their operations and remove the burden from the Managers of the businesses to enable them to concentrate on the core mandate of the business. We therefore here to provide you with cut-edge services in the following areas with integrity and excellence;